"la comuna paradoxa de la schnitteria..."

here i am
darkest night is masking the cold
that embraces me can't you see
truth means fear your lying breath
never will resist alone i sit here waiting
watching the world in it's agony
because i have seen my future
my crying face no cure i'm longing for
and no healer heals the evil
i sought truth for you condemned to fail
for you, for you i'm bleeding
and every new dawn ends in bitterness ...
for you, for you i'm bleeding......

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"...break the silence..."

can you tell me
why it's raining
why these drops bedew the night

can you tell me
why these paths
always miss an inner light

can you tell me
why this roaring
cannot break the choking chains

can you tell me
why these tunes
ever challenge raging pain

can you tell me
when some time
will fulfill all longed-for dreams?

if there's no answer...
can you tell me
when will things come to an end....?
27.10.05 02:10


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